The Two Most Popular Types of Holiday Fun Rides

Zhengzhou Dinis Amusement Equipment Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, design, production and sales of amusement equipment. What’s more, Dinis company has a group of excellent designers and professional technical workers. And the products are popular among the world’s customers. In Dinis the most popular 2 holiday fun rides include Santa carousel for sale and bumper cars birthday party.

customized merry go round for holiday
customized merry go round for holiday

What is the holiday fun ride?

Holiday fun rides are an amusement park facility for the whole family, both young and old. With the fast pace of modern life, for very little time, and all family members can get together and enjoy great fun. When there is a chance to meet for family together, parents prefer to take their children to theme parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, family entertainment centers, and enjoy an unforgettable time together to create a lifelong experience. Popular holiday amusement rides include Santa carousel for sale, playground bumper cars and dodgem cars birthday party and more.

In addition, there are many new fun rides device to choose from, such as Le Bar cars, samba balloon rides and so on. Holiday is a great time for parents to abandon their daily chores and join their children wholeheartedly. Holiday play programs are very popular on weekends and holidays, and many famous theme parks and amusement funfairs have already bought a variety of exciting holiday play facility to attract more visitors.

UFO small fun rides
UFO small fun rides

What is your new favorite holiday fun ride?

Dinis Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of holiday fun rides. For example, Dinis offer thrilling rides for those seeking excitement, popular family rides for the whole family, and colorful children’s rides for kids.

Based on the riding operating principle, Dinis produces new spinning amusement ride, pendulum rides, roller coasters, Ferris wheels, amusement park trains and plane rides.

All of our holiday amusement rides are not only of good quality, but also beautiful in appearance. In addition, great fun are the features of Dinis new holiday amusement equipment. If you are interested in our holiday fun rides, we can customize to meet your specific requirements.

toddler whirligig ride for sale
toddler whirligig ride for sale

Where to buy the holiday fun rides?

If you want to buy high quality, affordable price holiday fun rides, Dinis is the best choice for you.

Dinis Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of amusement equipment in China, always dedicated to the production of various types of holiday amusement equipment. In the past few years, Dinis have provided high quality products and good service to customers around the world. What’s more, Dinis have also won the recognition of our customers.

kids carnival carousel customized
kids carnival carousel customized

As a professional supplier in the field of amusement industry, Dinis always pays great attention to high quality products and best service. Because Dinis knows that only high-quality rides and good service can help Dinis build long-term business relationships with Dinis customers. Providing customers with high-quality holiday fun rides and quality service is a win-win strategy.

In addition, regarding the price, Dinis can offer you competitive prices because all of Dinis carnival fun device are produced and assembled in our own factories. There is no third party fee. Certainly, if you want to build your own amusement park, Dinis is willing to help you design. Our experienced expertise will help you design and build the perfect amusement park.

baby small kids bumper cars for salebaby small kids bumper cars for sale
baby small kids bumper cars for sale

The 4 wonderful characteristics of Dinis holiday fun rides

1.High quality materials

To produce good holiday fun rides, Dinis always manufacture the carnival holiday amusement rides with high quality and environmentally friendly materials.

2.The safety of holiday fun ride is guaranteed

Each of our holiday fun device undergoes multiple tests during the production process and a commissioning test is performed after the production is completed.

remote control bumper cars for kids
remote control bumper cars for kids

3.Competitive price

Dinis have Dinis own factory. Dinis can provide direct factory price. There is no third party fee. Generally speaking, the holiday fun facility price is lower than the competitors in the same industry.

4.Best service

Dinis offers the best pre-sales and after-sales services. If you have any questions about the holiday funfair facility, installation and transportation, Dinis are always available to answer your questions.

Disney kid antique amusement rides
Disney kid antique amusement rides

Case: Dinis holiday playground device is popular in Kenya

In June 2018, one of our customers from Kenya asked us to help him build an amusement park in his country. He came to China to visit our company. Accompanied by our professional sales manager, we visited our office in Zhengzhou and our factory in Shangjie District.

Then, he was satisfied with our company, product quality, models, professional technology, and good services. Finally, he bought more than ten kinds of holiday amusement rides from Dinis company, including a carousel ride with 16 seats, a 16-seat flying chair swing ride, a child self-control plane, a self control bee ride, a 24 seat pirate ship, a human gyroscope, jumping frog, Rotary octopus ride, coffee cup ride, Miami ride, mini shuttle, mini Ferris wheel ride, Disco tagada ride and more.

animal shape rotating horse for toddler
animal shape rotating horse for toddler

Now because of the promotion of this customer, Dinis amusement equipment is becoming more and more popular in the parks of Kenya. What’s more, Dinis have received customers’ consistent praise.

Which company has the most holiday fun rides for visitors and investors?

So, for a visitor, although there are not many holidays for enjoy, are you ready for the next holiday? To spend a meaningful festival, you can go out and enjoy the funfair ride. “Riding the holiday fun ride”is a perfect excuse to explore the theme parks and playgrounds. Just go and enjoy the happy time with your family.

antique dodgems for sale
antique dodgems for sale

For an investor, Dinis Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of holiday amusement rides and customized service to customers around the world. Dinis has experienced workers dedicated to providing customers with high quality, reasonable price products. What’s more, at every stage of production, sales, transportation, installation and maintenance, Dinis always puts customer interests in mind. For instance, about budget, if you want to build an amusement park, the budget is the first thing to consider. Because the more you budget is, the more complex and bigger your amusement park will be. Dinis Group designs holiday fun rides and theme parks with professional technology. So based on your budget, Dinis will provide you with the best service.

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