Fun Rides-Dinis Amusement Ride Manufacturer

When you buy amusement rides, you can choose our company, Dinis. Dinis is a professinoal manufacturer and seller in China. Importantly, Dinis has 20-years production experience, and has manufactured and exported many fairground rides. As a professional amusement rides manufacturer, Dinis prodeces and sells all kinds of amusement rides, including train rides, bumper car, carousel, ferris wheel, pirate ship, inflatable castle, cup rides, swing rides, self control plane, other kids rides, thrilling rides, ans so on. What’s more, these fun rides are manufactured with best materials: FRP, Q235 steel, so it is popular in the amusement park, children playground, theme park, mall. Thus, these funfair rides are worth your investment.

Train Rides:

Train rides in Dinis are popular among children. Because the train is a classic amusement ride that children like, it occur in many place. Besides, it has colorful LED lights, bright color, attractive appearance, comfortable cabins, so it quickly attracts many children and brings you more benefits. Moreover, train rides can be made into trackless train and track train. Certainly, there are many train rides in Dinis: vintage train rides, Christmas train, luxury train rides, carnival train ride, indoor train rides, electric train for adults, children train rides, electric trackless train rides, big train rides, small train rides, animal themed train rides, family train rides, outdor train rides, sightseeing train rides, etc. So you can choose a suitable train in Dinis.

There are some hot selling train rides:  

Small Home Train Rides with Beautiful Appearance

Family Train

What is a family train? Family amusement train ride is a train for family rides. Or you can think that ...
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Amusement Park Vintage Train Rides for People Sightseeing

Vintage Amusement Park Trains for Sale

Vintage amusement park trains for sale are classic trains with antique locomotive and cabins. Thus, comparing to common train fun rides, ...
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Customized Train Tourist with 2 Cabins Runs on the Ground

Sightseeing Train Rides

Recently, some fun rides manufacturers design a train for going sightseeing, so it can be called “sightseeing train”. Certainly, our ...
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hot selling big train ride with LED lights

Big Train Sets for Sale

What is the big train sets for sale? The big train set for sale is an amusement train with a large ...
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40 Seats Luxury Diesel Train Runs on the Road

Luxury Train Ride

What is a luxury train ride? Luxury train ride is a special design train ride with a cute and antique ...
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16 Seats Indoor Blue Train Ride for Carnival

Indoor Train Ride

Which places to use our indoor train ride for you? Our train rides indoor for sale are used in the shopping ...
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24 Seats Adult Electric Amusement Train

Electric Train for Adults

What are the uses of electric train for adults? Electric trains for adults are getting more and more attention. So ...
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Motorized Trackless Train Rides for Sale for Farm

Electric Trackless Train for Sale

What is an electric trackless train? Electric trackless train for sale is a kind of rides for fun which uses ...
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Carousel Rides:

Carousel ride is one of hot selling fun rides in our company. Carousel ride is also popular among children, because it is romantic and magic. when some kids ride on it, they feel like a queen sitting on theirs luxury carriage. Carousel rides has a FRP appearance with many decorations, such as animal images seats, LED lights, attractive central column, cartoon images on the top floor, etc. So it is very popular in the amusement park, theme park, shopping mall, children palyground, shool, kindergarten, square, garden, scenic area kids entertainment park, etc. In Dinis, we can provide you all types of carousel amusement rides. Certainly, If you want to customize carousel rides, we also can provide you a customized service.

There are many themes carousel rides:

Amusement Park Carousel for Sale

Amusement Park Carousel for Sale

Dinis amusement park carousel for sale In the past few decades, Dinis has been working hard to change itself and ...
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galloper spinning horse oak Dinis

Flying Horse Merry Go Round

Flying horse merry go round facts 1.What is the name of a horse on a flying horse carousel? The carousel ...
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3 figure amusement carousel for sale

3 Horse Carousel for Sale

The Profile of Dinis Company-the 3 Horse Merry Go Round Baby Children Supplier Established in 2003, Dinis is a manufacturer ...
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flat merry go round for sale

Fair Carousel

What is fair carousel ride? Fair carousel is a type of carousel merry go round, which can be used in ...
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Santa Carousel Horse Rides for Sale

Santa Carousel

Santa Carousel for Sale-Dinis Santa Carousel Suppliers Christmas is coming, and cater to the needs of the market, Dinis company ...
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Mobile Carousel Rides with Colorful LED lights for Kids

Mobile Carousel

The Brief Introduction to the Mobile Carousel The mobile carousel or merry-go-round is a rotary platform consisting of a rotating ...
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small carousel for sale

Mini Carousel for Sale

Now, mini carousel is an classic fun ride, and it becomes more and more popular in families. When parents and ...
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Dinis Kids Merry Go Round Amusement Rides

Kids Carousel for Sale

A Brief Introduction to Dinis-Kids Carousel Rides Manufacturer As a professional ride manufacturer, Dinis can offer you a range of ...
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coin kiddie rides for sale

Coin Operated Merry Go Round for Sale

What is the coin operated horse ride for sale The coin operated carousel horse is a kind of amusement equipment ...
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a carnival merry go round rotates

Carnival Carousel for Sale

Where can You buy a practical and affordable carnival carousel for sale? Our company specializes in producing different kinds of ...
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antique carousel for sale

Antique Carousel for Sale

The carousel amusement equipment is a classic children's play equipment which is beautiful and gorgeous in appearance! We can usually ...
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new marine themed merry go round ride for sale

Sea Carousel

The Sea Carousel History and Manual Do you know the history of sea merry go round? The first carousel appeared ...
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Bumper Car Rides:

Bumper car ride is also called dodgem, dashing car. It is a common kids fun rides in many theme parks, amusement parks. In Dinis, there are many different themed bumper rides for sale, so you can pick up attractive and popular dashing cars for your amusement park, theme park, playground, indoor children park, etc. What’s more, our bumper car amusement rides has many different types: ground grid bumper cars, sky net dodgems, battery bumper cars for sale. besides, we also have many high quality bumper cars ,which are popular among children.

Bumper car rides in Dinis:

bumper cars for sale cheap

Cheap Bumper Cars for Sale

How much do cheap bumper cars cost? As everyone knows, different bumper cars have different prices. There are a variety ...
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amusement bumper cars for sale

Amusement Park Bumper Cars Sale

How much do bumper cars cost for amusement park? As we all know, amusement park bumper cars sale with different ...
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antique dodgems for sale

Antique Bumper Cars for Sale

Do you know the antique bumper car history? In general, antique bumper car rides for sale are a very popular ...
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indoor dashing cars for sale adult child

Indoor Bumper Cars

Where can you buy indoor bumper carts? In recent years, the indoor bumper cars for sale are becoming more and ...
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UFO dodgem battery car for sale Dinis

UFO Bumper Car

The UFO bumper car is a kind of small bumper car amusement equipment similar to the ground net bumper cars ...
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New Design Dinis Customized Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Spin Zone Bumper Cars for Sale

Where Dinis’s spin zone bumper cars for sale are headed in the next few years? As one of the famous ...
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Portable Bumper Cars for Sale

Portable Bumper Cars for Sale

Why are portable bumper cars for sale popular near me? As we all know, portable bumper cars are considered as ...
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playground outdoor battery hitting autos for sale

Inflatable Bumper Cars

The classification of Dinis's inflatable bumper cars Today Dinis has produced many kinds of inflatable dashing cars for your choice ...
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hot sale over head system electric dodgems for sale

Electric Bumper Cars for Sale

Zhengzhou Dinis Amusement Equipment Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD is a professional supplier with 20 years’ exporting and producing experience. So ...
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funfair kids bumper cars for sale Dinis

Bumper Cars for Toddlers

Bumper cars for toddlers If you want to know about bumper cars for toddlers, read this one A bumper car ...
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battery operated bumper cars for sale

Battery Bumper Cars

Battery Bumper Car for Sale-Top Zhengzhou Dinis Amusement Facility Manufacturer Zhengzhou Dinis Amusement Equipment Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD is a ...
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Swing rides in Dinis:

luxury flying chair kids carnival ride

Carnival Swing Ride for Sale

What is a carnival swing ride for sale? It is a thrilling amusement ride used in the carnival activity. Swing ...
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Luxury fair Swing Carousel with Colorful LED Lights

Amusement Park Swing Ride for Sale

What is that swing ride in amusement park? Amusement park swing ride for sale is called flying chair, chair swing ...
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luxury flying chair

Swing Carousel

Entertainment device-History of the fair wave swinger The swing carousel is a variant of the normal carousel. Certainly, this kind ...
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There are some sucessful cases: 

Dinis carousel merry go round for sale

Dinis Carousel Rides to Spanish

Recently, carousel rides are more and more popular in the amusement parks, theme parks, shopping mall, square, family, children playground, ...
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attractive FRP material swing ride for kids

Outdoor Playground Equipment for Sale in Chile

Why did our client in Chile choose our company? Recently, amusement rides are more and more popular all round the ...
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Classic Self-Controlled Plane Designed by DInis

Dinis Exported Funfair Rides to Children Park in the United States

Last month, Dinis exported funfair rides to children park in the united states. Because one American client wanted to set ...
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There are news about amusement rides for you:

Train Ride for Sale Trackless Electric with 2 Cabins

How to choose train rides correctly for scenic areas?

When you decide to start your train amusement rides’ business, you will have many questions about train funfair rides. For ...
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Carousel Rides with Colorful LED lights for Kids

How to Choose Carousel Manufacturer

When you decide to buy carousel rides for your business, you maybe don’t know how to choose a reliable carousel ...
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You Can Plan Kids Fun Park Like This Designed Picture

How to Build A Children Pleasure Park?

We know that it is difficult for some businessmen to build a children pleasure park. But if you build the ...
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FRP Material Spin Zone Bumper Cars in Dinis

Top Four Selling Bumper Cars in Dinis 2022

Our company designs many attractive bumper cars for your amusement park, theme park, playground, shopping mall, sports park, adventure park, ...
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3 Seats Carousel Horse Rides for Sale

The Profile of Dinis -the 3 Horse Merry Go Round Children Supplier

Established in 2003, Dinis is a manufacturer which specializes in producing all kinds of entertainment equipment including the 3 horse ...
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Some amusement rides’ videos in Dinis:

Dinis Amusement Rides Video Gallery

When you want to buy amusement rides, you will be interested in some pictures about amusement rides. However, you also ...
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Furthermore, we also have other funfair rides for you to strat your business. For instance, bumper car, cup rides, swing carousel, self control plane, ferris wheel, pirate ship, sightseeing cars, go kart, etc. These fun rides are affordable and high quality, so they are suitable for you business. Besides, There are many kids fun rides, small rides, carnival rides, holiday rides, classic rides for your commercial use in Dinis. So you can freely choose amusement rides that you want in Dinis.