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When you buy amusement rides, you can choose our company, Dinis. Dinis is a professinoal manufacturer and seller in China. Importantly, Dinis has 20-years production experience, and has manufactured and exported many fairground rides. As a professional amusement rides manufacturer, Dinis prodeces and sells all kinds of amusement rides, including train rides, bumper car, carousel, ferris wheel, self control plane, pirate ship, inflatable castle, teacup rides, swing rides, other kids rides, thrilling rides, and so on. What’s more, these fun rides are manufactured with best materials: FRP, Q235 steel, so it is popular in the amusement park, children playground, theme park, mall. Thus, these funfair rides are worth your investment.


Certificates That Our Factory Accquired

Our factory is a professional and reputable manufacturer, which has 20-year production and export experience. Importantly, we got many professional certificates, including CE, ISO, etc. Besides, because we have a good performance and service, and we are recognized by the government. Then, the government has issued some certificates and awards to our factory. For example, 3A good faith business demostration uit, 3A enterprise credit rating certificate, 3A quality service integrity unit, and so on. 

certificate of environmental management system
certificate of environmental management system
CE certificate of Dinis factory
CE certificate of Dinis factory
certificate of occupational healty and safety management system
certificate of occupational healty and safety management system

Amusement park design:

Our company is a professional park designer, and we can help you to build an amusement park. Additionally, we help you to locate your amusement rides, and instruct you to install and maintain amusement park rides. Importantly, our advantages include professional design group, rich production experience, affordable price, etc.

By the way, we have helped many businessmen to build an amusement park in 500 square meters, 800 square meters, 1,000 square meters, 2,000 square meters, 3,000 square meters, and so on. If you decide to build a new amusement park or theme park, please contact us. 

Train Rides in Dinis:

Train rides in Dinis are popular among children. Because the train is a classic amusement ride that children like, it occur in many place. Besides, it has colorful LED lights, bright color, attractive appearance, comfortable cabins, so it quickly attracts many children and brings you more benefits. Moreover, train rides can be made into trackless train and track train. Certainly, there are many train rides in Dinis: vintage train rides, Christmas train, luxury train rides, carnival train ride, indoor train rides, electric train for adults, children train rides, electric trackless train rides, big train rides, small train rides, animal themed train rides, family train rides, park train rides, sightseeing train rides, etc. So you can choose a suitable train in Dinis.

There are some hot selling train rides:  

Carousel Rides in Dinis:

Merry go round carousel ride is one of hot selling fun rides in our company. Carousel ride is also popular among children, because it is romantic and magic. when some kids ride on it, they feel like a queen sitting on theirs luxury carriage. merry go round ride fro sale has a FRP appearance with many decorations, such as animal images seats, LED lights, attractive central column, cartoon images on the top floor, etc. So it is very popular in the amusement park, theme park, shopping mall, children palyground, shool, kindergarten, square, garden, scenic area kids entertainment park, etc.

In Dinis, we can provide you all types of carousel amusement rides. Our popular carousel horse rides have 3 seats, 6 seats, 12 seats, 16 seats, 24 seats, 30 seats, 36 seats, double decker carousel ride, and so on. Certainly, If you want to customize carousel rides’ capacity, we also can provide you a customized service.

There are many themes carousel rides:

Bumper Car Rides in Dinis:

Bumper car ride is also called dodgem, dashing car. It is a common kids fun rides in many theme parks, amusement parks. In Dinis, there are many different themed bumper rides for sale, so you can pick up attractive and popular dashing cars for your amusement park, theme park, playground, indoor children park, etc. What’s more, our bumper car amusement rides has many different types: ground grid electric bumper cars, sky net dodgems, battery bumper cars for sale. Certainly, these high-quality bumper cars are popular among children.

Bumper car rides suitable for your business:

Swing Rides in Dinis:

Swing  carousel in Dinis is a classic kids ride, and there are 12 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats in Dinis company. Certainly, if you want to attrat many children to make money, you can choose our watermelon swing rides, Giraffe swing carousels, small simple swing rides, animal design swing  rides, carnival swing ride, and customized wave swinger ride, etc. Our swing rides‘ design is beautiful & cute, price is affordable, and production process is perfect.

Teacup Amusement Rides in Dinis:

Teacup rides for sale is a rotating amusement ride, which is commonly used in the funfair, playground, theme park, children fun park, resort, and so on. What is a tea cup ride? The rotating tea cup is mainly composed of a large turntable, a small turntable and a tumbler. There are three small turntables on the big turntable, and three cups on each small turntable. Generally speaking, we always see 4 cups, 6 cups, 9 cups, 12 cups carnival tea cup amusement rides in the parks. Both children and adults like to ride on the amusement park teacup rides.

Self Control Plane Rides in Dinis:

Self control plane ride is a self-controlled & rotating amusement rides popular in many fairgrounds. Amusement park airplane rides manufactured in Dinis, which has 20+ years production experience, are high quality and attractive. What’s more, our company designs and manufactures self control plane ride, self control bee ride, self control shark ride, self control bee bicycle, self control donald duck, and so on. 

amusement park airplane ride popular with kids in seaside

Self Control Plane Ride

There are 6 arms, 8 arms, 10 arms and 12 arms self control plane ride for you. Moreover, because every ...
Dinis factory price self control plane with LED lights in the fairground

Amusement Park Airplane Ride

Amusement park airplane ride is a classical kids rides, which is a rotary funfair ride. It also rotates around the ...

Cases & News & Videos:

We have produced many carnival fun fair rides every year with more than 20 years production experience, and more and more customers bought classic children amusement rides to start their business in amusement park, shopping mall, small children park, entertainment park, scenic areas, and so on. Then, there are some sucessful cases, some industrial news, or some videos to show our amusement equipment. So you can see and know our amusement rides that children favourite through these sucessful cases and news.

There are some sucessful cases: 

There are news about amusement rides for you:

Some amusement rides’ videos in Dinis:

Dinis Amusement Rides Video Gallery

When you want to buy amusement rides, you will be interested in some pictures about amusement rides. However, you also ...


Furthermore, we also have other funfair rides for you to strat your business. For instance, bumper car, cup rides, carousel horse ride, self control plane, ferris wheel, pirate ship, sightseeing cars, go kart, flying chair ride, etc. These fun rides are affordable and high quality, so they are suitable for you business. Besides, There are many kids fun rides, small rides, carnival rides, holiday rides, classic rides for your commercial use in Dinis. So you can freely choose amusement rides that you want in Dinis. If you are interested in spme amusement attractions and kids amusement rides, you can visit our company and contact with us to know more informations.