Theme Park Trains for Sale

Theme park train is a popular amusement ride, and it is mainly used in the amusement park, shopping mall, school, squares, children’s playgrounds, schools, temple fairs, large communities, commercial venues, leisure and entertainment centers, exhibition centers. Besides, it has attractive FRP material locomotive and cabins. Moreover, cabins and locomotive’s appearance have colorful LED lights and other decorations. So train theme park ride becomes an attractive fun ride among children and adults. Moreover, our company manufactures all kinds of theme park trains for sale, and these train rides in theme parks have a reasonable price and their quality are high. Therefore, you can choose a hot selling & popular high-quality theme park train ride to start your business in our company.

Why to choose a reliable theme park train manufacturer?

With the development of society, amusement equipment market develops quickly. What’s more, more and more businessmen choose to start amusement rides business in the theme park, fairground, and other places. However, how to choose a reliable theme park train factory? Why to choose a reliable train rides theme park manufacturer?

There are three reasons for choosing a reliable train rides company:

  • Firstly, a reliable fun park train ride manufacturer has a good innovation ability. When you do a train amusement ride business, you hope that the train is popular among children and adults. Therefore, you can choose our theme park trains for sale. Because our company has designed and manufactured many novel trains for theme parks. For example, peppa pig cartoon is popular among children, so we design peppa pig theme park train ride for children theme parks.
  • Secondly, the reliable theme parks trains for sale company will give you a factory direct price. If you contact with a large and reliable amusement train company, you will save more money. As we know, some middlemen earn the difference between manufacturers and you. Therefore, you can directly purchase theme park train rides for sale in a reliable amusement equipment manufacturer: Dinis.
  • Thirdly, a reliable train theme park ride factory is more up to standard and more qualified. If you buy train ride for theme park, you must consider whether the company has many certifications or not. For example, our company is up to the standard, and has CE, ISO certifications. So you can buy our train rides and start theme parks trains business without hesitation.
Dinis amusement ride factory
Dinis amusement ride factory
all themes train rides manufactured in our company forr theme parks
all themes train rides manufactured in our company forr theme parks
many professional qualifications in our company
many professional qualifications in our company

All in all, our company: Dinis amusement equipment factory is a reliable and strong park train rides manufacturer. Besides, we produce all kinds of theme park rides for you, including bumper car, pirate ship, merry go round, swing rides, self control plane, tecup rides, and all train rides. So you can choose our trains for theme parks.

What kind of material is used for the train for them park?

We use fiberglass to make theme park trains for sale in our company. Moreover, its appearance is mostly made of fiberglass. Because this material has two advantages: one is that FRP has a light weight, so train theme park ride made by FRP has a light weight. The other is that FRP is a good corrosion-resistant material, and it has good resistance in the atmosphere, water and general concentrations of acids, salts, and various oils.

What’s more, our company uses different materials to produce theme park train rides’ different parts. Moreover, we also use international standard steel to make train for theme park for sale’s frame. Besides, we also use FRP materials and steel to produce carousel rides, pirate ship, ferris wheel, swing rides, roller coaster, coffee cup ride, pendulum, dodgems, self control plane, indoor playground, and so on . If you want to know more materials about funfair rides, please contact with us.

cabin of train funfair ride made by fiberglass material
cabin of train funfair ride made by fiberglass material

Specification of large and small theme park trains for sale 

Different trains for theme parks have different capacities. In our company, there are different sizes including large train amusement park rides and small theme park trains. In general, large 42 persons theme park train ride for sale has 1 locomotive and 4 carriages. Besides, its locomotive size is 4*1.8*2.35m, and its carriages’ size is 4*1.8*2.5m. Certainly, you can customize size of trains for theme parks. However, theme park small trains for sale’s size is small. For instance, 14 seats small amusement park trains’ locomotive is 2.1*1.1*2.7m, and its cabin is 1.7*1.1*1.95m.

Importantly, these large or small theme park trains for sale can be customized in our company. Besides, you also customize cabins’ number in our company. Therefore, if you have a large theme park, you use large train ride. But if you have a small theme park, you drive a small train ride.

large train ride's cabin
large train ride’s cabin

Other Sizes train rides’ main parameter:

capacity10 seats16 seats24 seats40 seats
battery6v,90A /4 piece5pcs 12v 120A5pcs 12v 150A12pcs 6v 200A
turning radius3m6m6m6m
locomotive size2.1*0.9*0.6m2.7*1.1*1.95m3*1.05*1.86m4*1.8*2.35m
cabin size2*0.7*0.6m1.7*1.1*1.95m1.62*0.98*1.97m4*1.8*2.5m
packingbubble films and wooden casebubble films and wooden casebubble films and wooden casebubble films and wooden case

Which theme park trains are suitable for your use?       

When you buy a train for theme park for sale, you want to choose hot selling train amusement rides. But which theme park trains for sale are suitable for you parks?

There are four hot selling train ride theme park in Dinis company:

42 seats electric theme park train ride running outdoor
42 seats electric theme park train ride running outdoor

Electric theme park train for sale

Electric train theme park is a convenient train for your use. Because it uses batteries to run, the train electric ride is available for your park. Generally speaking, we uses 5pcs 12v 100A batteries to keep its running. Besides, the batteries can be used 12 hours. So electric theme park train for sale runs freely in your park. For example, you can drive it to transport visitors from one amusement equipment to other funfair rides.

vintage park train ride with steam device
vintage park train ride with steam device

Theme park steam train for sale

In addition, we designed a theme park steam train for sale. This train with steam device will make riders feel riding on a real last century train. When people ride on steam train ride, they will hear a real train’s sound and see its smoke. Therefore, this amusement park steam trains for sale will quickly become a scenic line in your theme parks. Then, this theme park trains for sale will attract more and more children in your park.

new design track train with vintage appearance
new design track train with vintage appearance

Theme park train with tracks for sale

Theme park track train for sale is one of hot selling fun rides in our company. Besides, there are hot selling bumper car, merry go round, pirate ship, swing carousel, our company. If you buy a track train in your theme park, you will find many people like to ride it. So you can set rail theme park train around the road line, and people enjoy your parks’ scenery by riding on the track train.

white thomas small train ride for sale
white thomas small train ride for sale

Thomas train theme park

Thomas the train theme park is a cartoon train popular among 3-10 years old children. This train has an attractive Thomas locomotive and colorful cabins, and many decorations on the appearance. So many 3-10 ages kiddie like to ride on it. If you buy a Thomas train theme park, your park will be fun and interesting for children. Moreover, this Thomas train ride has Thomas trackless train ride and Thomas track train ride for sale in our company.

How much does a theme park train cost to buy?          

Price is a key to amusement rides business. If you buy a high-quality train for theme park with reasonable price, you can save more money. But you will find different company sells it with different prices. You will find that some companies sell a small train with high price, and large train theme park train with more higher price. However, other companies will sell theme park trains for sale with low price. So you must find a reasonable price train theme park ride manufacturer, and buy the factory price trains.

What’s more, we will give you a price range: small train’s price is about 5,000-10,000 dollars, medium train ride is about 10,000-15,000 dollars. And large train rides or hot selling train rides’ price is about more than 20,000 dollars. Moreover, many new design train rides have higher price. Therefore, when you buy a theme park train ride for sale, you must focus on its quality. Because theme park train with a high price is not necessarily a good one, you must know its quality carefully. If you want to know the price of our theme park trains for sale, please leave a message. However, if you now make a order, we can give you a discount.

small trackless train used by our client in the theme park
small trackless train used by our client in the theme park

Besides, our company sells not only theme park train, but also electric train ride, trackless train amusement ride, track train ride, sightseeing train ride, mall train ride, family train ride, full size train rides for sale, etc.. Furthermore, we are a strong and professional amusement equipment manufacturer. We also sell amusement park bumper cars, pendulum, merry go round carousel, pirate ship, self control plane, swing ride, teacup ride, ferris wheel, indoor playground, inflatable castle, trampoline, and so on. Welcome visit our company and purchase amusement rides.

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