Sightseeing Train Rides

Recently, some fun rides manufacturers design a train for going sightseeing, so it can be called “sightseeing train”. Certainly, our company follows the fashion of amusement rides to design some sightseeing train rides for you. So there are sightseeing electric train, diesel sightseeing train for sale, trackless scenic train and sightseeing track train ride for you.

Moreover, these trains can be designed into different themes and different capacities. For example, 16 seats, 24 seats, 27 seats, 30 seats, 36 seats, 42 seats, 56 seats, 72 seats, and so on. More and more businessmen use full sizes sightseeing trains for sale in amusement park, lake district, forest park, farm, scenic spot, featured town, shopping mall etc.

Customized Train Tourist with 2 Cabins Runs on the Ground
Customized Train Tourist with 2 Cabins Runs on the Ground

Which places can you use sightseeing train rides?

1. 42 seats sightseeing train for sale used in the featured town

Sightseeing Train Rides for Sale Used in the Featured Town
Sightseeing Train Rides for Sale Used in the Featured Town

Specification of sightseeing trackless train ride:

  • Name: sightseeing trackless train
  • Material: FRP+steel; 3 trees paint
  • Capacity: 42 seats (you can customize)
  • Applicable people: all ages
  • Power: diesel or battery
  • Composition: 1 locomotive+4 Cabins
  • Turning radius: 8m
  • Locomotive size: 4*1.6*2.2m
  • Cabin size: 4*1.8*2.5m
  • Theme: customize

Nowadays, many tourist featured town occur in public, and people like to go to the featured town for their holiday. Besides, there are tourist sightseeing featured town, history culture featured town, and holiday featured town. For instance, in the history culture featured town, people can visit the local famous man home by riding on the sightseeing trackless train, and they know about life stories and history of celebrity.

Moreover, when some children are tired and won’t visit the featured town, some tourist vintage amuseemnt trains can transport them continue to go sightseeing. So when people visit the featured town, people not only know about celebrities’ history but also experience culture of the town. If you buy and put some sightseeing trains for sale in the featured town, which can make visitors interested in the town.

2. You can use 24 seats tourist train rides in the lake district

Tourist Sightseeing Train with 36 Seats in the Lake District
Tourist Sightseeing Train with 24 Seats in the Lake District

Specification of tourist diesel train ride:

  • Name: sightseeing tourist trackless train
  • Material: FRP+steel; 3 trees paint
  • Capacity: 24 seats (you can customize)
  • Applicable people: all ages
  • Power: diesel
  • Composition: 1 locomotive+3 Cabins
  • Turning radius: 8m
  • Locomotive size: 3.3*1.3*2.2m
  • Cabin size: 1.7*1.1*1.95m
  • Color: customize

More people choose to have a holiday in the lake district, and they relax themselves and accompany their families to enjoy the scenery of lake district. So some lake districts’ managers use our luxury sightseeing trains for sale to increase the number of tourists.

Does people really ride on tourist sightseeing train for sale in the lake district? Yes, more people will choose to ride on it. For example, when one family go to the lake district, old people and children are tired in walking after a while, and they want to ride on a train. Thus, at this time, you drive a sightseeing train in the lake district, so they must ride on it. Besides, people can comfortably ride on sightseeing trains to view more nature scenery. So more people choose to sit trains to enjoy lake natural scenery well.

Furthermore, you also put sea carousel, electric bumper car and other fun rides in the featured town and lake district. When you use train rides sightseeing with above mentioned funfair rides, you will find the featured town and lake district quickly become the “internet celebrity check-in place”. Certainly, you can use our sightseeing train rides and other amusement rides in other areas, including funfair, theme park, scenic spot, farm, town, shopping mall, walking street and so on. So no matter where you use our tourist trackless trains and others, you can have a successful business.

Is our trackless sightseeing train convenient for you to use?

Trackless sightseeing train is a train without laying rail for tourist sightseeing, so it is convenient for you to use. Why is sightseeing trackless train convenient for you to use?

Because tourist train rides have no track and don’t have a fixed area, trackless big train sightseeing for sale is not limited by area. For example, you can conveniently drive a small one to enjoy your garden in your backyard. Certainly, the small 10 seats sightseeing train is enough for your whole family to ride on. While you can conveniently use a large one in the scenic spot, the large 70 seats tourist train is suitable for you to pick up tourists. So you freely and conveniently use sightseeing trackless train ride in anywhere.

Electric Trackless Tourist Train Fun Rides for Sale in Dinis
Electric Trackless Tourist Train Fun Rides for Sale in Dinis

Besides, our sightseeing trackless trains can be customized for you, so you can conveniently and freely buy and use them. For example, if you have your own requirement, you can customize theme, color, logo, cabin, size of sightseeing trackless trains. Besides, our trackless train for sightseeing have strong power, you can easily and comfortably drive it in your backyard or scenic spots. To sum up, our trackless sightseeing train rides are convenient for you to use.

Which one do you choose, electric sightseeing train or diesel sightseeing train?

There are electric sightseeing amusement train rides and sightseeing diesel trains for you. And these two trains have own advantages in daily using. But how to choose a suitable drive mode? Electric sightseeing train and tourist diesel train in our company, which one do you choose?

1. Why can you choose our electric tourist train rides?

2022 Hot Selling Tourist Trackless Train Ride for Sale
2022 Hot Selling Tourist Trackless Train Ride for Sale

We use best lead-acid batteries to drive the sightseeing train rides for people to go sightseeing, so you can choose us without hesitate. For instance, battery is very important for sightseeing electric train. Thus, we use best lead-acid batteries to drive tourist electric train rides. Why does our company use lead-acid batteries? Because lead-acid batteries have more advantages than ordinary batteries: a good stability, a high safety coefficient, a long life, and easy maintenance. As long as sightseeing trains’ batteries are high quality, you won’t worry it will easily go wrong. Then, you can securely use the trains to start your business. In addition, we use other best materials: FRP and Q235 steel to make sightseeing electric train rides. So our tourist train for sale is worth buying for you.

2. Our sightseeing diesel train ride is a good choice for you.

New Design Green Diesel Sightseeing Tourism Train
New Design Green Diesel Sightseeing Tourism Train

Why do you choose our diesel tourist train rides? Because our diesel scenic train rides have a strong power and its diesel capacity is 60L, you can drive it for a long time. For example, you drive the diesel sightseeing train to use 2-3L every time, and you can drive it more times in a full capacity. Additionally, its climbing ability is strong due to it has a strong power. Because some scenic spots have slope or the road around mountain, sightseeing diesel trains need to climb the slope. So it is suitable for you to use the diesel train for sightseeing running on the slope. If you need a train with strong power, why not choose to buy our tourist diesel train?

Is the selling price of sightseeing train higher?

Sightseeing trains haven’t higher price, because train amusement rides with different capacities have different price. Moreover, sightseeing trackless amusement train and track tourist amusement train also have different price. So sightseeing trains’ price aren’t more higher than other themed train funfair rides.

When comparing to tourist track trains, tourism sightseeing trackless train rides have a lower price. Although both track tourist trains and tourist trackless trains have same capacity, they have different price. Because we need to manufacture track for sightseeing rail trains, we have to hire more professional workers. Then, we use best materials steel, wooden rail sleeper to lay a track. So track sightseeing train rides’ process is complicated, and the price is higher than tourism sightseeing trackless train.

Sightseeing Train's Cabin with Safety Rope
Sightseeing Train’s Cabin with Safety Rope

Specification of tourist diesel train ride:

  • Name: sightseeing small track train
  • Material: FRP+steel; 3 trees paint
  • Capacity: 12 seats (you can customize)
  • Applicable people: all ages
  • Music: USB port or CD card on control box
  • Composition: 1 locomotive+3 Cabins
  • Themes: Thomas, Christmas, sea, cartoon, or customized
  • Area size: 14*6m
  • Color: customize
  • Delivery: 15-20 workdays after receive your deposit

Furthermore, we can provide you customized train rides. Whether you buy tourism sightseeing trackless or track train for sightseeing, we can customize for you according to your budget. But if you are also interested in train rides or other amusement rides: bumper car, water slide, trampoline, merry go round, Ferris wheel, flying chair, teacup ride, pirarte ship, roller coaster, etc., you can contact with us. Order now, give you a discount.

Why to choose a reliable sightseeing trains manufacturer?

When you decide to buy sightseeing train amusement rides, a reliable train for sightseeing manufacturer is very important for you. Because a reliable manufacturer has high quality sightseeing trains for sale, and provides a good after-sale service. Besides, they use best materials and components to design scenic trains, which has some attractive and popular themes.

1. A reliable manufacturer innovates more themes in sightseeing train for sale.

2022 Different Themes Tourist Train Ride for Sale Manufactured by Dinis
2022 Different Themes Tourist Train Ride for Sale Manufactured by Dinis

Our company is a reliable and professional train amusement rides manufacturer. So our company design some new themes for you, including sightseeing indoor train, vintage sightseeing train, Thomas sightseeing train ride, electric trackless sightseeing train, animal tourism sightseeing train for sale, Christmas Santa track train for sightseeing, big tourist sightseeing train, carnival tourist train rides, piggy peppa themed tourist train rides, luxury sightseeing train ride and so on. Because cartoon images are changing with the development of times, children like to ride new themes now. As long as we keep the innovation in the sightseeing amusement train rides, these trains are popular all the time.

2. Best paint used by a reliable manufacturer to draw tourist train fun rides.

Our Workers Paint Sightseeing Trains in the Clean Room
Our Workers Paint Sightseeing Trains in the Clean Room

Our company uses not only fiberglass to make train appearance, but also best car painting to draw our sightseeing train ride. Due to weather and temperature vary quickly, we must consider train rides tourist are influenced by extreme weather and temperature. So we choose the best car painting and varnish to draw sightseeing train rides. Maybe you don’t understand why to use car painting and varnish? Because car painting and varnish have advantages: bright color, good resistance-water, anti-corrosion. So when the trains run in the rainy day, sightseeing trains for sale don’t easily lose color after drawing car painting and varnish. Furthermore, we set a specialized dust-free paint spraying room, where our painters accurately draw amusement train rides tourist again and again.

Electric sightseeing train set and diesel tourist train ride’s specification:

Name Drive mode Power Composition Capacity Materials Battery/Diesel storage Running time
sightseeing electric train ride battery 12kw 1 locomotive + 3 cabins 40 seats FRP, steel 12pcs 6v 200A batteries 8-10 hours
tourist diesel train ride diesel 75kw 1 locomotive + 3 cabins 40 seats FRP, steel 60L long time

Moreover, sightseeing tourist train rides manufactured by our company are high quality, and its price is suitable for you. So you can choose our company without worry. In addition, we have other high quality funfair rides for you, including bumper car, Ferris wheel, merry go round, flying chair, trampoline, self control plane, swing carousel, pirate ship, water slide, amusement teacup ride, etc. No matter what you buy in our company, we will provide some high quality, discount price amusement rides.

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