How to maintain batteries of the electric train ride

Nowadays, electric train rides are very popular among children and adults. So battery trains are used in the amusement parks, theme parks, mall, family, backyard, scenic areas,etc. However, the battery is important for electric train amusement rides, and we must pay more attention to maintain its batteries. How to maintain batteries of the electric train ride? How to prolong the batteries life? In order to prolong the service life of electric trackless train batteries, we need to pay attention to the following points:

electric trackless train rides with colorful FRP appearance
electric trackless train rides with colorful FRP appearance
  • Avoiding water into electric trains’ batteries.

In the rainy day, avoid battery train rides running on the road. Because all batteries on the market do not support prolonged rain immersion. Once the water enters the batteries’ room and the water inside cannot drain out. It will continue to destroy the waterproof layer inside the battery. At the same time, it will cause the internal short circuit of the battery or the failure of the whole battery. So you need to keep batteries dry.

  • Professional treatment is urgently needed after batteries entering the water.

If the train rides’ battery is reused after being watered, there will be potential safety hazards. Please pay attention to there are fenders and other electronic components inside. If you don’t quickly deal with the problem, the battery train amusement ride usually cause micro-short circuits after entering water as like mobile phones, computers. So when electric train rides’ battery room has much water, you should make professional person repair it. Otherwise, it will cause irreparable harm to the trains.

electric train ride for sale with big capacity batteries
electric train ride for sale with big capacity batteries
  • You must use the original adapter to charge electric trains’ battery.

When you charge train ride’s batteries, you should use the original battery charger. It is impossible to charge train amusement sets’ battery well without matching original charger. If you use the original adapter correctly, you can sure that the batteries won’t be damaged. Besides, you must find a professional person to install electric train batteries. Because the installation of electric train amusement rides’ batteries is a professional activity, it is best carried out with technical guidance or the assistance of professionals.

  • Train amusement rides’ battery configuration should be reasonable.

While you use the electric train, if its mileage suddenly drops by more than 10 kilometers in a short period of time. Maybe the electric train ride goes wrong. This situation might be that at least one cell in the battery pack may break the grid, allow active material to fall off, and short circuits. At this time, you should go to a professional battery maintenance agency for inspection, maintenance or matching. So you do not dismantle the battery by yourself.

vintage trackless fun train rides for sale
vintage trackless fun train rides for sale
  • Bad power storage of electric amusement train batteries is undesirable.

Insufficient power state means that the battery of the electric trackless train is not charged in time. Moreover, this situation is easy to generate sulfuric acid. Then, the sulfuric acid crystals adhere to the plate, blocking the ion channel, resulting in insufficient charging and a decrease in battery capacity. Furthermore, if the longer the battery is idle, the worse the battery damage will be. Certainly, if you don’t usually use the electric train, you should charge it once a month to prolong its batteries’ life.

  • The charging time of battery train rides should not be less than 8 hours.

Typically, the battery of train amusement equipment is usually charged at night, with an average charge time of about 8 hours. However, if it is shallowly discharged, the battery of electric trackless train will be fully charged quickly. At this time, if it continues to charge, there will be an overcharge phenomenon, which will cause the battery to lose water, heat up, and shorten the battery life. Therefore, you can charge amusement train rides’ battery when the depth of discharge is 60%-70%. It can be converted into mileage in actual use. And it is necessary to charge according to the actual situation to avoid harmful charging.

electric train ride for 3-16 years old
electric train ride for 3-16 years old

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