Carnival Swing Ride for Sale

What is a carnival swing ride for sale? It is a thrilling amusement ride used in the carnival activity. Swing ride is also called swing carousel, chair swing ride, wave swinger, swing chair, flying chair, waver swinger, Chair-O-Planes, Dodo or swinger. Besides, there are many themes, inculding watermelon flying chair, lotus swing ride, giraffe flying chair, animal wave swinger, fruit swing ride, luxury flying chair, simple flying chair, amusement park swing ride, etc. So you can choose swinger that kids like in our company Dinis. Certainly, it is popular among 5-15 years old children and 15-20 years old young people. So wherever you use it, you will have a good business.

luxury flying chair in the carnival activities
luxury flying chair in the carnival activities

Where to find a reliable carnival ride swing manufacturer?

If you want to buy carnival swing ride, and you don’t know where to buy it. You can choose our company, Dinis, to buy the flying chair carnival. Now, I will tell you why can you choose our company?

1. Our company Dinis products all kinds of fun rides, including flaying chairs

Our company Dinis is a large professional manufacturer in the amusement rides, and we can product all kinds of funfair rides. And our fairground rides are popular among theme parks, amusement parks, garden, children playground, entertainment park, mall and so on. We not only have exported carnival ride swing, but also other fair rides. For instance, we have exported carnival swings, kids slide, inflatable castle, trampoline, train rides, roller coaster, carousel, pirate ship, bumper car, go kart, sightseeing car, Ferris wheel, etc, to many countries. So you can choose many different fun rides in our company for your commercial use.

carnival swing carousel in the park
carnival swing carousel in the park

2. We have 20 years production experience in the carnival flying chair

Moreover, we have enough production experience and skilled production technology. Because our company Dinis has been built over 20 years, and we have own factory, have own designers, and workers to manufacture carnival wave swingers. Furthermore, our workers are trained by professional person, and our workers have finished many wave swinger orders every year. Beside, our workers also finished other fairground rides orders every year. Certainly, our company makes swings carnival with professional technology, best FRP material and best steel. So we have enough production experience about all kinds of amusement sets.

parts of carnival wave swinger for sale
parts of carnival wave swinger for sale

Is the swing ride safe for children at carnival activities?

As we all know, carnival swing chair is one of thrilling amusement sets that 5-15 years old children like. When you hear the thrilling fair rides, you will think that the carnival swing chair is dangerous for kids. But you don’t worry, because professional manufacturer will take some safety measures of chair swing carnival ride.

1. Our chair swing carnival ride uses dual safety equipment

Our flying chair safety equipment is that the upper part of the metal safety boom is connected with the swinger’s top, and the secondary protection of the boom is made of steel wire rope. Besides, we use safety bar on the chairs to protect players from danger during the running time. When players ride on the carnival ride swing set with a safety bar, they can safely experience the waver swinger. But if the carnival swing ride for sale goes wrong suddenly, you can press the emergency button. So you can buy and use our carnival Chair-O-Planes without any worry.

simple flying chair carnival ride for sale
simple flying chair carnival ride for sale

2. Moreover, we will prepare safety fence for you

We will prepare for a suitable fence for the carnival ride swing. And we suggest that you set “Guidelines for Passengers” in prominent places of its safety fence. Using the guideline to warn players not to climb over the fence. When some people sit the swing rides carnival in the amusement park, accompanying passengers must wait outside the safety fence. So as long as our safety measures can be made well, the swinging carnival rides will safely give people a good experience. Thus, you can use it to attract more kids and adults.

seats and safety device of carnival swing ride for sale
seats and safety device of carnival swing ride for sale

How many themes of swing rides carnival in our company?

Our company has many carnival swing rides for sale, and provide you all kinds of swing rides for sale. However, if you want to design unique own carnival rides swing, we provide you a customized service.

For its sizes, we have 12 seats, 16 seats small carnival swing ride, 24 seats medium swinger ride carnival, and large 36 seats, 48 seats carnival wave swinger. But if you want to have other seats carnival flying chair, we can provide you many customized flying chairs.

For its styles, we provide you antique swings ride carnival, musical chairs carnival ride for sale, fruit swing ride at carnival, animal carnival flying chair, small carnival swing ride swing for sale, deluxe carnival swing and so on.

Top 3 hot selling swing rides carnival for sale in Dinis:

Small carnival swing ride

12 seats giraffe flying chair carnival for children
12 seats giraffe flying chair carnival for children

Swing ride carnival ride specifications:

  • Model number: DNS-SR-39
  • Product name: Carnival swing ride for sale
  • Capacity: 16 seats
  • Applicable people: all ages (over 5 ages)
  • Material: FRP, steel, famous paint
  • Diameter: 7m
  • Guarantee: 12 months
  • Lead time: 15-20 days after deposit of amusement carousel rides
  • Usage: Theme park, playground, funfair, etc.

Small carnival swing ride for sale usually is watermelon wave swinger carnival, and giraffe swing carousel. Small carnival flying chair is a cute and mini flying chair for 3-10 years old kids. This style swinger for 3-10 years old kids is designed into watermelon, giraffe images in our company. For example, watermelon swing carnival ride attracts more and more 3-10 years old children, and kids like its bright color seats as a real watermelon. Moreover, it has many colorful LED lights and popular music, and 3-10 years old kids really like it. In addition, Our other amusement equipment: indoor train ride for children, kids bumper car, kids self-control plane, small mobile carousel are suitable for your business in the carnival. So you can use them to attract more children and adults.

Deluxe carnival swing

luxury flying chair kids carnival ride
luxury flying chair kids carnival ride

Luxury swing carousel specifications:

  • Model number: DNS-SR-68
  • Product name: Luxury swing carousel for sale
  • Capacity: 12 seats
  • Applicable people: all ages (over 5 ages)
  • Material: FRP, steel, 3tree paint
  • Color: customized
  • Power: 3kw
  • Voltage:380v/220v/110v
  • Lead time: 15-20 days after deposit of amusement carousel rides

Luxury carnival swing ride for sale is a type of carnival swing ride with a luxury appearance. Because of its bright color, deluxe seats, colorful lights, it becomes more and more popular. When the swing ride is in motion, it will reach a certain height, and tilts its upper part. So it will make people have a thrilled and excited feeling, and more and more people like to sit. Certainly, there are 12 seats, 16 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats, 48 seats, and customized seats flying chairs. So you can choose a suitable size for your theme park. But if you want to buy other fun rides to increase the atmosphere of carnival, we suggest you buy luxury train and luxury antique carousel.

Antique swings ride carnival

carnival wave swinger ride manufactured by Dinis
carnival wave swinger ride manufactured by Dinis

Antique swing ride specifications:

  • Model number: DNS-SR-100
  • Product name: Antique swing ride for sale
  • Capacity: 24 seats
  • Applicable people: all ages (over 5 ages)
  • Color: Customized
  • Diameter: 9m
  • Height: 8.5m
  • Guarantee: 12 months
  • Lead time: 15-20 days after deposit of amusement carousel rides

Antique swings ride is one of hot selling amusement sets in our company. Besides, our company has many top selling sets, such as portable bumper car, ferris wheel, indoor playground, trampoline, sightseeing trackless train, pirate ship, roller coaster, carnival carousel, etc. As a hot selling equipment, it has a vintage style, bronze antique color, old fashioned seats. Furthermore, it also has classic paintings and decorations on the column appearance. So when some kids see it firstly, all kids will love the swing carousel. Maybe you will ask is there a weight limit for swing ride carnival? No, it hasn’t weight limit, and all ages with different weights can sit it.

Carnival swing rides’ specification:

Notes: the specification is a reference for you, more details, please contact us!

Seats Diameter Height Operating height Voltage Power
12 Seats 5m 4m 4m 380v/220v/110v 2.2kw
16 Seats 7m 7 m 7m 380v/220v/110v 3.5kw
24 Seats 10m 8m 7m 380v/220v/110v 10kw
36 Seats 11m 8m 9.5m 380v/220v/110v 18kw

How are carnival swing rides transported in our company?

Firstly, we usually pack carnival swing rides for sale with standard export package. And we break the whole wave swinger carnival down into many parts. Because we will put the seats and the column separately to prevent them from damage during the transportation. Then, we use 3-5 layers good bubble films to pack the swing carousel. But if you have any requirement about package, we also meet your needs. After all, our main idea is that the good can be transported safely to you. And you can use our carnival swing rides to make more money.

carnival swing ride for sale in Dinis with colorful lights
carnival swing ride for sale in Dinis with colorful lights

Secondly, when it comes to export, we must choose shipping. Now, the shipping is very convenient for every clients, and it can arrive many countries’ ports. The First step, we know about which port is near you, and choose the arrival port near you. Then, our delivery team load the carnival swing ride for sale according to packing list strictly, in order to make sure every part will not be left.

Thirdly, our sales department will also charge all processing of loading and delivery, and send all necessary documents to you in time. Besides, our sale department will tell you real-time message of delivery, including when can the delivery leave our port, when will it arrive your port?

carnival Mickey Mouse chair swing carousel
carnival Mickey Mouse chair swing carousel

Totally, we strictly control every step in delivery, and sure that the carnival swing chair ride for sale is transported to you in perfect condition. Moreover, we have exported many times to all around the world, so we have the experience in the packing and delivery. Certainly, our company also carefully packs and transports bumper car, train rides, pirate ship, self control plane, carousel to many countries.

Do carnival people make good money by using carnival flying chair?

Do our clients make good money by using swing carnival ride for sale? Yes, our client in the united states said he would have a good business in the Easter. Then, he decide to expand his business with our other kids fun rides, carnival fun rides, carousel rides, vintage train rides, etc.

24 seats carnival watermelon fair swing carousel ride
24 seats carnival watermelon fair swing carousel ride

When the Easter day is coming, carnival swing for sale is attractive kids fun rides, which is very suitable for the festival. Because it can make adults and children feel thrilled and excited. You maybe find that many people line up to sit carnival swing carousel in some festivals. So as long as you buy some carnival swinger ride with other carnival fun rides, you can start your business well. Certainly, you earn good money not only in the carnival, but all holidays (Christmas, thanks giving day, Valentine’s day……). So the swing ride carnival for sale is worthy of your investment.

To sum up, If you are interested in our carnival swing ride for sale or other fairground rides, please feel free to contact with us. Or you can leave a message to know about details and price list.

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