Trackless train for sale in Australia

Our company, Dinis, designs and produces all kinds of trackless train rides for sale. Every year, we export and sell trackless train for sale in Australia, UK, USA, India, France, Spanish, Russia, and other 60 countries. Now, follow us to know customers’ successful cases. In December 2022, one customer from Australia bought battery trackless train ride … Read more

FAQs about electric trackless train ride

How much weight trackless train ride can carry? — Each cabin can carry 120 KG. How about electric trackless train ride’s control system? can we vary the speed as per our requirements? Yes, the speed of train ride can be adjusted as your request. Besides, you can adjust its music and time as your request. What parts can we customize … Read more

How to choose train rides correctly for scenic areas?

Tourist Sightseeing Train with 36 Seats in the Lake District

When you decide to start your train amusement rides’ business, you will have many questions about train funfair rides. For instance, you will decide to put your train in the scenic areas. But you don’t know how to choose train rides correctly for scenic areas. There are five tips for you to choose train rides. … Read more